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HA Reserve Chardonnay




BOTTLE: 750 ml.


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Wine-growing: After a rainy winter, the beginning of spring was dry and hot, which resulted in early vegetative development. The climatic conditions in November, which were hotter and more humid than usual, helped plump the grapes. We harvested 10 days earlier than usual, beginning on the 13th February with Sauvignon Blanc grown in Lolol. Our biodynamic practices over the past few years have enabled us to maintain a very good level of acidity. We are producing a highly complex wine with a combination of fruity notes (pineapple, lychee) and floral notes (boxwood, blackcurrant flowers), all of which are bound by a great deal of minerality. The fact that the Lolol terroir is influenced by the ocean should enable us to maintain its acidity.
Harvest: Harvested in 15 kg crates, the grapes are transported whole to the winery where they are instantly de-stemmed and pressed, then chilled to avoid any premature oxidation.
Vinification: The grapes are placed in a pneumatic press using inert gas (to prevent oxidation) and macerated with the skins for 6 to 12 hrs depending on the potential of each grape, to provide us with excellent aromatic extraction.
Ageing: Once fermentation is complete, we work the lees in wine vats, for one or two months, to obtain balance in the mouth and complexity.

Tasting Notes

Intense and complex nose. Ripe fruits such as pear are oven baked apples. Scents of
subtile oak, vanilla on the back. The palate is deep, ample, supple, with a lot of fruits
aromas. A long aromatic persistence and a palate built on ripe grape which confers to the wine an elegant structure.