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Rutini Encuentro Barrel Blend


VARIETALS: 20% Malbec from Tupungato, 10% Malbec from La Consulta, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon from Tupungato, 10% Petit Verdot from La Consulta, 10% Cabernet Franc from Tupungato, 10 % Merlot from Altamira, 10% Merlot from Tupungato.


OAK REGIMEN: 100% new French Oak for 18 months.

WINEMAKER: Mariano Di Paola.


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This stunning red blend harmoniously combines the individual characteristics of each of the grape varieties and the delicate nature of the 7 vineyards. A “perfect meeting” between the true expression, innovation and highest quality of Rutini Wines.

AGE OF VINEYARDS: Malbec; 15 years old, Malbec; 86 years old, Cabernet Sauvignon; 15 years old, Petit Verdot;10 years old, Cabernet Franc;15 years old, Merlot;5 years old, Merlot;15 years old.


A well structured red blend with vibrant ruby red color. On the nose, captures an appealing mix of well ripened juicy red fruits and soft floral notes of lavender and violet from the Malbec. Aromas of mint and menthol combined with licorice and thyme essences are transmitted from the Petit Verdot. Notes of fresh plum and blackberry preserves are also present from the Merlot. It is topped off with hints of spice undertones of black and red pepper from the Cabernet Sauvignon y Cabernet Franc. The delicate combination of chocolate, tobacco, coffee and vanilla essences are also present from its 18 months in new French oak. The palate is very smooth and well balanced from the intense fruit flavors to the solid structure leaving for a smooth and full balanced with smooth and elegant tannins leaving for a “perfect meeting”.